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Yearling Cherry Head Tortoise

Chelonoidis carbonaria

Size: A full grown Redfoot Tortoise averages between 11 and 14 inches.

Diet: Redfoot tortoises are primarily herbivores feeding off high fiber diet like grasses and weeds but can eat small amounts of protein like eggs, meats, or insects as a rare treat.

Enclosure: I keep my hatchlings in a 2ft by 3ft plastic tote and upgrade them as they grow, a full grown Redfoot will need an area of at least 4ft by 6ft but bigger is better and recommended if available. They like their environment tropical with warm temps and high humidity.

Handling: Tortoises do not like being off the ground and should not be handled often, good ways to interact with your tortoises without causing stress is by hand feeding, watching them interact with their enclosures and letting them walk around the yard supervised (If climate permits). Check out my yearling cherry head tortoise care guide for detailed information!

Yearling Cherry Head Tortoise

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