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Shadow's Animal Party Services Miami

Shadow's Reptiles offers an exciting and educational hands on animal experience for people of all ages! We bring all your favorite animals to any event, choose a plan and look at options to add on! We bring a variety of animals including but not limited to snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs and small mammals.

Shadow's Animal Party Services Miami

Shadow's exotic mobile petting zoo and

animal shows

Shadow's Mobile Reptile Party Show, Man holding Albino Ball Python

Shadow's Mobile Reptile Party Show

Small Plan (1-10 guests)


30 minutes with 6 animals


Standard Plan (10-20 guests)


45 minutes with 8 animals


Large Plan (30-50 guests)


1 hour with 14 animals

Shadow's School Reptile Show

Shadow's School Reptile Show

Small Plan (50 guests)


30 minutes with 4 animals


Standard Plan (75 guests)


1 hour with 8 animals


Large Plan (100+ guests)


1 hour and 30 minutes with 12 animals

Downtown Miami - $400 minimum

Broward County - $400 minimum

Palm Beach County - $500 minimum

Add a Bonus Experience

Hatching Baby Tortoise - $50

Bring something that you don't get to see everyday to your party! This is a limited time event because tortoises lay eggs seasonally so it is more likely to be available in the summer but let us know you're interested and we'll see what we can do! We breed a variety of animals here at Shadow's Reptiles not just tortoises so maybe we have something you'll be interested in!

Hatching Baby Tortoise
Man holding Flemish Giant Rabbit
Flemish Giant Rabbit - $50

The largest species of rabbit in the world will be an impressive guest at your party! It being the largest species makes it that much better for cuddling! Anyone from baby to grandma will love this adorable giant fur ball! 

Party Pack - $25

Make this reptile show even more memorable with a surprise animal plushy for the birthday boy or girl and a bunch of stickers and small reptile toys for all the participants! Available for schools too!

Reptile Show Party Pack
Adopt a Pet - $???
Give the ultimate gift of knowledge, discipline, compassion and love! At Shadow's Reptiles we breed and rehome a variety of animals, we will help you find the perfect pet for your child or classroom! Learn how having a pet can benefit you and your children!
  • Our trained animals are available for photos and videos too!

    Learn More

    30 min

    Starting at $300
Party Animals

Party Animals

Entertainment. Education. Passion.

Here you will see a few out of the 132+ friendly and amazing animals that call Shadow's Sanctuary home.

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