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Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

All sales are final, if you wish to cancel an order before it has shipped we can offer store credit. For services please refer to the cancellation policy on the bottom of any service page.

Live Arrival and 1 Month Health Warranty

All live animals come with live arrival guaranteed as long as shipping policies are followed.

In order to be eligible for our 1 Month Health Warranty

- A picture of the enclosure must be provided and the proper requirements must be met before the animal arrives to you. 

- Once the animal arrives if there are ever any issues or concerns I must be notified immediately. 

- An update ( Behavior, diet, care ) and picture of the animal must be provided on arrival day, the 3rd day, 1 week after arrival and so on weekly until the month is over.

This policy is in place to ensure that the animal goes to an owner that will do their best for their animal, in most cases if you follow the warranty you will never need the warranty but if you choose to do things on your own without my assistance you are responsible for the animal. You can always contact me at the same number if you have any questions or updates. I have customers from over 4 years ago that I still keep in touch with and they send me occasional updates. 

Shipping Policy

When you place an order for a live animal we will contact you through text message to set up a shipping date.  Usually we ship live animals priority overnight on Tuesdays to arrive Wednesday morning because it is the safest day and least likely for delays (still possible). In order to qualify for our live arrival guarantee you must work with us in order to get a safe shipping day that works for you, the animal and us.

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