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Shadow's Care Guides

Shadow's Reptiles not only has beautiful and healthy reptiles for sale we also provide easy to understand care guides. When you purchase one of our animals you become part of our family, we will be there to support you and answer any questions you may have. Along with a beautiful pet to add to your family you're getting access to our wealth of knowledge and our full support. We want you to have all the tools and information you need to provide a quality life for your new friend.

Anthony Menendez, wiki experts

Meet the author

I have always been passionate about animals and their care. As the founder of Shadow's Reptiles (An online pet store), I feel responsible to share my knowledge through my educational animal shows, blogs and videos. I have dedicated my life to educating others on the unique needs of reptiles and animals in general. I aggressively research all animals that are coming into my care and I write these care guides as proof to myself that I am knowledgeable enough to care for said animal. I do not see myself as an expert because there is too much that I do not know. I

do however know that I go above and beyond with my animals' care and if I am confident enough to post a care guide for you to read I swear that it is the best possible way to care for your animals on the internet. Why? Because I am constantly updating and testing new methods, I follow these care guides every single day with hundred of animals that I love more than life itself. Unfortunately I can not do it alone, I will need your support!


Feedback is what I crave most, please correct me and help me improve my care guides. I take your feedback and combine it with my own knowledge and experience to give my animals the best life possible.

Moral Support is greatly appreciated! Knowing that my care guides benefit you or that my content entertains you gives me the drive to keep moving forward and posting more content for you to enjoy.

Financial Support is great, money of course is what makes the world go round...and keeps me and the animals fed. If you like what I do please consider buying something from my shop and if you LOVE what I do consider becoming a monthly subscriber. Think of it as buying me a coffee once a month to show appreciation for my work but rest assured that your money won't be spent on Starbucks, every penny will go directly to the animals, their cages, food, medical expenses and everything else they will need.

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