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Baby Coastal Carpet Python for sale

We have some beautiful captive bred baby coastal carpet pythons for sale.

Size: A mature carpet python ranges between 7-9ft in length.

Diet: They are currently feeding on fuzzies (2 week old mice) and are great eaters but an adult carpet python will eat a large rat.

Enclosure: Carpet pythons are semi arboreal snakes and like to be both on the ground and on plants and structures. So you should provide both a hide and a perch. Their enclosure should have a gradient of 72 degrees F for the lower end up to 90 degrees F for the warmer end. Humidty should be at around 50% - 60%

Handling: When handling your carpet python, do not restrain it. Instead, let it move about as you support its body. With any snake, you have to learn how to “read” them. My carpet pythons although tame sometimes strike at me thinking I have food, they get out of this "feeding mode" as soon as I touch their nose with my snake hook and grab them. The babies are the same once you learn to read this behavior you'll be able to know when your snake will and won't strike. Find a baby coastal carpet python care guide here!

Baby Coastal Carpet Python

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