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Indonesian Giant Sailfin Dragon Care Guide

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Hydrosaurus microlophus

sailfin dragon for sale
My male sailfin dragon basking on a log

The Indonesian Giant Sailfin Dragon (Hydrosaurus microlophus) is a striking and unique reptile, known for its impressive dorsal fin and agile climbing abilities. Native to the tropical forests of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, these dragons thrive in warm, humid environments and are known for their semi-aquatic nature. They can grow up to three feet in length and have a lifespan of around 10 years in captivity. In this care guide, we’ll explore the details of providing a healthy and enriching environment for your Sailfin.

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An ideal enclosure for a Sailfin Dragon is a large, vertically oriented terrarium or a custom-built habitat. The minimum size for an adult should be 6 feet in height, 4 feet in length, and 2 feet in depth. I keep my pair in a 4 foot wide by 8 foot long enclosure that is 7 feet tall with a lot of branches and a small pond. For substrate I always use cyprus mulch to avoid impaction and allow for digging. The enclosure should include large branches for climbing, a water area for swimming, and rocks or moss for added texture. The basking area should have a temperature of 95-100°F, while the cooler side around 75-80°F. Humidity levels should be maintained at 70-80%. UVB lighting is essential for their health. Sailfin Dragons are diurnal, so their enclosure should replicate daylight hours. Younger sailfin dragons will be the same care you just need to scale it down. A 40 gal long should be good for the first year or two of life.

Diet and Hydration

Sailfin Dragons are omnivores, requiring a diet of leafy greens, fruits, insects, and occasional small mammals or fish. Feedings can include crickets, mealworms, and feeder fish, supplemented with calcium and vitamins. I feed my dragons 4 days out of the week Mondays they receive protein, usually snails but sometimes small mice or fish, Tuesday they eat opuntia cactus, Thursdays they eat insects like roaches or superworms, Friday they eat a pellet diet like mazuri tortoise diet or insectivore diet. On days not mentioned or as bonus treats they sometimes enjoy fruits like bananas, berries, and melons. Just like the rhino iguanas my sailfin dragons go bananas for bananas. For hydration, provide a large water bowl and mist the enclosure regularly to maintain humidity. They like to defecate in the water so make sure to check the water daily! Observe their behavior during feeding as they can be territorial over food.

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sailfin dragon for sale in miami
One of the baby sailfin dragons for sale on

Gentle handling is key with Sailfin Dragons, as they can become stressed with rough or frequent handling. It's best to handle them infrequently and with care, allowing them to climb onto your hand rather than grabbing them. Familiarize yourself with their body language to understand their comfort levels. Regular, gentle interactions can help in building trust with your dragon. The key to a healthy Sailfin Dragon is understanding their needs and replicating their natural habitat as closely as possible. With proper care, these magnificent creatures can be a fascinating addition to your home.


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