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Discoid Roaches

Discoid Roaches are my favorite feeder insects for sale! These soft bodied feeder insects have a juicy center that is packed full of protein, calcium, moisture and other essential nutrients for your pet to stay happy and healthy!


Discoid Roach (Blaberus discoidalis)

Also known as: False Death's Head Cockroach


  • Moisture 66%
  • Crude Protein — 20%
  • Crude Fat — 7%
  • Crude Fiber — 3%
  • Ash — 1%


Ranges from 1/4” as newborn nymphs to 2” adults.


  • Legal in Florida
  • Easy to maintain until they're fed off
  • Meaty (more filling)
  • High moisture content, helps prevent dehydration
  • Diverse amino acid content
  • Good calcium-phosphorus ratio
  • Low odor
  • Poor climbers
  • Don’t fly
  • Faster than dubias, may trigger more enthusiastic feeding response
  • Prolific breeders

Discoid Roaches

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