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How a Pet can Benefit you!

Updated: Jul 8

At Shadow’s Reptiles, we believe that the companionship of a pet offers unparalleled benefits for both children and adults. Caring for a pet and giving it love and attention will change your life!

Shadow's Reptiles strongly believes that all children should have access to pets and learn to live and interact with Earth's beautiful creatures. We believe in this so strongly we are giving away classroom pets! This allows kids that are unable to keep pets at home to have access to a pet and enjoy all of its benefits! If you are a parent that can't keep a pet but has an excited animal lover at home, or a teacher looking for a fun way to interact with their students this might be the solution for you! Learn more at the end of this article!


Educational Value

Pets are a gateway to a world of learning. For inquisitive young minds in classrooms or at home, reptiles and other animals can be a captivating subject of study. They provide a hands-on way to explore topics such as biology, ecology, and conservation. Observing a animal's behavior and learning about their habitat and care can teach responsibility and foster a lifelong respect for nature. Teachers will find reptiles excellent for engaging students in science lessons in a fun and interactive way, while moms will appreciate the curiosity and learning these creatures inspire in their children.

Discipline and Responsibility

Caring for animals has drilled discipline into my daily life. It will teach you that even if you don't want to do a task it must be done. It does not matter how tired you are or what mood you are in, a pet must be fed and taken care of because their life is YOUR responsibility.

After keeping animals that I care about deeply for so long without being able to rest for a single day that discipline and responsibility bled into other aspects of my life. Now learning a new skill, maintaining relationships and staying committed to long term project is easier than ever.

Emotional and Social Benefits

Animals can provide emotional comfort and reduce stress and anxiety. The process of caring for a pet can also help children develop empathy and improve their social skills. In a school setting, reptiles can foster a sense of community and teamwork as students share responsibilities and work together to care for their classroom pet. At home, caring for a reptile can help children develop a sense of responsibility and a caring attitude.


Animals have completely changed my life, as you can probably tell from my business and videos but what has affected me most is the compassion that it has given me. I 100% believe the reason why I care about humans so much and the reason why I treat everyone the way I do is because of my animals. I have learned through them that all life is valuable and even something as small as a fly or worm has a life and a will to live.

Interactive and Fun

At Shadow’s Reptiles, we know that learning is best when it's fun. That’s why we offer exciting reptile shows for schools and birthday parties, designed to educate and entertain. Children are given the opportunity to interact safely with these creatures, enhancing their learning experience and leaving them with lasting memories.

Why a Reptile?

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of reptiles as pets is their comparatively low maintenance requirements. Unlike dogs and cats, reptiles do not require daily walks or constant attention. Many species thrive in a controlled environment and need only regular feeding and cleaning. Some reptiles like ball pythons eat less than once a week! This makes reptiles an ideal pet choice for busy families or classrooms where time and resources might be limited.

Allergy Friendly

For families or classrooms concerned about allergies, reptiles pose a minimal risk. They do not have fur or feathers that can trigger allergic reactions, which makes them an excellent pet choice for those sensitive to common allergens. This aspect alone can make reptiles a viable option for ensuring a comfortable, inclusive, and healthy environment for children to learn and play.

Longevity and Commitment

Many reptiles have long lifespans, providing companionship for years. This long-term relationship with a pet can be very rewarding, offering stability and continuity in a child's life. For families and teachers, the commitment to a reptile can also serve as a valuable lesson in dedication and consistency.

Whether you’re a mom considering a new pet for your family or a teacher looking to enrich your classroom experience, a reptile can be a wonderful and unique choice. With the right care, a reptile can thrive in your home or school, providing educational and emotional benefits for years to come.


Free Classroom Pets

We strongly believe all kids should have access to a pet but we know for some it's impossible. That is why we give away classroom pets! If you are a parent that can't keep a pet but has an excited animal lover at home, or a teacher looking for a fun way to interact with their students this might be the solution for you! This service is currently only available in South Florida!

To be eligible for our program you must be a teacher with approval from the school to keep a classroom pet. You must book us for an animal show for your school or classroom, we will take your new class pet the day of the event and teach you how to care for it. You must follow our care guides and keep us updated the first month as per our health guarantee.

If you are having budgeting issues with our shows we recommend doing it as an in-house fieldtrip. If you charge participants (students' parents) $10 and book us based on recommended guest count the school will make profit of our show. That profit can go to further benefiting the children or upgrading your new class pet!

When booking us for a school or party animal show you have the option to add a bonus called Pick a Pet when we contact you to plan out your event let us know you're interested and we will help you find the perfect pet for you!


At Shadow’s Reptiles, we are here to guide you every step of the way, from choosing the perfect reptile, to setting up your habitat, to ongoing care and support. Let us help you embark on an exciting adventure into the world of reptiles!

Discover more about our services and how you can bring the wonder of reptiles into your lives at Together, let's foster a deeper connection with nature and create joyful, educational experiences for our children.


 I am constantly working on improving these articles, I appreciate any and all feedback more than anything. In trade for your corrections, questions, and comments I promise to keep all care guides and blogs updated with the best possible tips I can offer linked with updated YouTube videos and the products that I use for my animals.

If you wish to support us more directly take a look at our shop or become a member to unlock hidden blogs, YouTube videos, Giveaways and discounts. All the money we earn goes right back to caring for our animals and improving their futures, we appreciate all your support.

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