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Shadow's Animal Party Services Miami

Shadow's Reptiles provides fun, safe and educational animal shows and rentals! Me and the team (the animals) have over 100 shows worth of experience since we started in August 2022. They have been handled tons and love the attention, the ones that don't stay at home and enjoy their more naturalistic lives. Here are a few of the event types we have done and we are looking forward to adding many more :)

  • Birthday Parties

  • School educational show

  • Summer camps

  • Religious events

  • Community Events

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Homecoming Dance

  • YouTube Videos

  • Casino Events 

  • Reality Shows

  • Music videos

  • Modeling Shoots

  • Work meetings

  • Weddings


Reptiles For Sale

Here at Shadow's Reptiles we focus ourselves with the proper care and breeding of captive born reptiles. We have a variety of lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises for sale. Live arrival and a customer service experience you'll be sure to enjoy guaranteed!



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About Me

Shadow's Sanctuary

Shadow's Sanctuary unofficially started when I was just 3 years old when my grandfather gave me the now famous  sulcata tortoise Tank! From a little boy and his pet tortoise to an exceptional animal retreat with over 100 animals under its care and a mission to educate, rescue, and provide a loving home for all types of animals in need.  Education is at the heart of my work, with mobile exotic animal shows for schools and birthday parties, a YouTube channel, and a website offering care guides, all aimed at spreading knowledge about responsible animal care and fostering a community of compassionate animal lovers. Supporting Shadow's Sanctuary not only promotes animal welfare but also fuels a genuine passion. I deeply commit to the well-being of all creatures under my care. Shadow's Sanctuary has ambitious goals, aiming to expand our resources to ensure every animal we care for enjoys a beautiful and fulfilling life. By supporting us, you contribute to the well-being of numerous animals and help fulfill the vision of a larger-scale haven for these beautiful creatures.

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