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Here at Shadow's Reptiles we focus ourselves with the proper care and breeding of captive born reptiles. We have a small yet loved and well taken care of selection of reptiles for sale. Live arrival and a customer service experience you'll be sure to enjoy guaranteed!

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Shadow's Sanctuary

I started Shadow's Sanctuary in 2018, I take unwanted or injured reptiles and give them a good home. I have had dozens of animals surrendered to me from a quarter sized baby turtle to a 6ft lizard. I keep all my rescues and care for them myself, however due to the high volumes of animals in need of homes I don't always have the space, finances or tools required to rehabilitate some animals so I work with other reptile keepers and rescues to find your animal the right forever home!

Meet a Few of Our Rescues


I took in Scar my Bolivian Short-Tailed Boa on July 8 2020. Scar came in with a broken jaw and his left eye and neck was very swollen. In only 23 days Scar had almost completely recovered and ate his first meal. To learn more about Scar check out the YouTube video on his full recovery here


Bonnie and Clyde

I got Bonnie and Clyde my Cuban Rock Iguanas on January 19 2020. They did not require any medical treatments from me however Bonnie has a defect on her tail which I was told she was born with. This defect does not affect her at all, other than appearance



Aru was my first rescue I got her on May 25 2019. Aru is my female Aru Green Tree Python ( yes I named her after her locality. ) When I got Aru she was still very young, she was in good health but the person that surrendered her did not feel they were giving her adequate care. 


Although I maintain my rescues out of my own pocket, I am always striving to better my enclosures and set ups for many of my current and future rescues. Upgrades can get expensive, every penny donated goes to support these animals and when you see a new rescue thriving on my channel you will know you had a part in making that happen!