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Shadow's Animal Party Services Miami

  • We bring a fun and interactive reptile show right to your backyard!

    40 min

    Starting at $275
  • A fun and educational reptile show for kids of all ages!

    40 min

    Starting at $300
  • Our trained animals are available for photos and videos!

    30 min

    Starting at $150

Reptiles For Sale

Here at Shadow's Reptiles we focus ourselves with the proper care and breeding of captive born reptiles. We have a variety of lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises for sale. Live arrival and a customer service experience you'll be sure to enjoy guaranteed!

The Perfect Gift

Animals shouldn't be an unexpected surprise but you can't go wrong with a gift card! Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own.

Galápagos tortoise from Floreana Island


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Lizards for sale


Snakes for sale




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About Us

Shadow's Sanctuary

Shadow's Sanctuary started in my parents backyard when I was just 4 years old, it has transformed into an exceptional animal retreat with a mission to educate, rescue, and provide a loving home for all types of animals in need. This sanctuary stands out for its diverse array of animals, including reptiles, mammals, arthropods, fish, birds and amphibians, and its unique commitment to reinvesting all profits into the welfare of these creatures. Education is at the heart of our work, with a dedicated mobile exotic petting zoo and educational school show, a YouTube channel, and a website offering care guides, all aimed at spreading knowledge about responsible animal care and fostering a community of compassionate animal lovers. Supporting Shadow's Sanctuary not only promotes animal welfare but also fuels a genuine passion. The sanctuary is deeply committed to the well-being of all creatures under their care. Shadow's Sanctuary has ambitious goals, aiming to expand their resources to ensure every animal they care for enjoys a beautiful and fulfilling life. By supporting us, you contribute to the well-being of numerous animals and help them to fulfill the vision of a larger-scale haven for these beautiful creatures.

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